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ON CUE, Managing Anxiety, Inviting Excellence,  is a guide to allowing your creativity full expression without being hampered by excess anxiety. It covers the management of anxiety, the importance of skill mastery, and the cultivation of loving attitudes towards one’s performance.

Masterful Life-Performance, the name of the process, has been applied to stage drama, music auditions and concerts, public speaking, athletics (team and individual), professional presentations, academic test taking, creative writing, marital intimacy issues, and the performance of daily living.

ON CUE is organized as an exchange of letters between the author and a fictitious person who is a composite of many people the author has counseled. Stories and photographs illustrate the content of the letters.


Judged “Outstanding” by Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest
Self-Published Book Awards.

“Many valuable insights into managing anxiety and both inviting and achieving excellence are presented in this well-crafted book.”

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Available now in ebook or print format 

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